Training of family members and guardians for inclusion of ageing adults with disabilities

For whom?

● Parents of ageing adults with disabilities
● Family members of ageing adults with disabilities
● Guardians of ageing adults with disabilities


The HUB includes a variety of free and interactive resources, always accessible and available in different languages (English, Croatian, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Slovenian)


The HUB will Increase the knowledge, competencies and skills of parents, family members and legal guardians of ageing
adults with intellectual disabilities. It aims to enhance the social inclusion of ageing adults with disabilities.

Older people with ID must be full participants in the development process and also enjoy its benefits. No individual should be
denied the opportunity to benefit from development

Our Goals

The population of older adults in the European Union has been increasing during the last 20 years. Increasing age is but one of many factors associated with disparities in health access and outcomes, which can worsen when it overlaps with lower socioeconomic status, geographic proximity to health professionals, and having a disability. Moreover, within the population of those with disabilities, persons with intellectual disabilities (ID) are further disadvantaged.

Thus, Inclu-Ageing HUB aims to provide resources that will accompany family members and guardians of ageing adults with ID in developing new skills and gaining further knowledge and understanding of the challenges and changes in cognitive capacities, physical abilities, social support networks and physical health.
At the same time, resources will raise awareness on this topic for the users and professionals approaching or working in this field.

Our Courses

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